Dachshund Race Registration April 21st

Dachshund Race Registration April 21st

Trophies will be awarded for the best-dressed Weiner dog and the race winners! Each racer comes with 2 tickets for their owners

Racer Check-in starts at 1pm in the Biergarten

1) Be courteous and respectful at all times
2) Do not use abusive, harassing, or threatening language. No “trash talking” or taunting is allowed
3) No arguing or disrespectful language, and physical contact is not allowed towards any other participants, the Race Coordinator, or Krause’s Café managers
4) The Race Coordinator and Krause’s Café managers will decide what behavior is unsportsmanlike and they have the final say on all matters

For the benefit of 148 S. Castell, LLC dba Krause’s Café programs, I grant 148 S. Castell, LLC dba Krause’s Café permission to photograph, audio and video record me for the purposes of program development, education and promotion.

1) All racers must be a dachshund breed, larger mixed-breed dachshunds will not be allowed to race. The dog must have a maximum height of about 8-9 inches. The race coordinator has the right to disqualify any dog if there is a question on size or breed status. If you have any questions on whether your dog can race please email Katlyn@KrausesCafe.com before registering your racer.
2) Race handlers at the start and finish lines must be 18 years or older
3) Owners are required to clean up after their dogs’ accidents, please bring your own clean-up gear
4) Dogs must be kept on a leash when not participating in their race
5) Dogs should be on their best behavior; they may not interfere with another dog during a race
6) Dogs may not be tossed at the starting line, they must simply be let go
7) The Race Coordinator and Krause’s Café Managers have the right to disqualify any dog/owner for not complying with the above rules or for any reason they see fit

REMINDER: This is all for good family fun and for entertainment purposes only